Saturday, March 3, 2012

Under a Raincloud- Part 13

When we got to his house, the sun was setting, causing the whole house to glow a deep orange. I smiled and sighed as I crashed on his couch, flopping my purse onto the ground along with my shoes.
Toby peered out one of his windows before joining me. I went to reach for the remote when he stopped me.
“Let’s just relax in this light.” He said and got up just as fast as he had sat down.
I heard him shuffling around in his room until I heard him exclaim, “HA! FOUND IT!”
Next thing I heard was a horrible sound; the guitar he must’ve found was way out of tune. “GOD DANGIT!” he shouted and began to tune it. I finally decided to get up and investigate on what he was exactly up to.
Toby was sitting on his bed with his legs criss-crossed and his face focused on finishing tuning the guitar. I stood in the door frame watching him, wondering if he knew I was there. A smile came to his lips to let me know he did.
When he was finished, he patted the bed next to him and I sat down.
“You play?” I realized I had never heard him play guitar before.
“Yeah, but I haven’t in a long time.” He chuckled and started strumming chords.
“Does your audience know you can play?”
“Yeah, they’ve heard me a couple of times.” He saw my devious smile. “Okayyy you can record me.”
I giggled, “Yayyyy!” I said as I got up and went to get my camera in my purse.
When I came back, Toby was lying down on his bed with his guitar on his chest. The sun had turned the sky and the whole house light pink and I sat on top of his dresser and pushed record.
“This is your favorite Tobuscus playing the guitar, finally after how ever long it’s taken him to actually play for you.” I started off saying then turned the camera to face me. “You’re welcome.” And laughed.
I turned it back to Toby as he laughed with me and started strumming again.
“What do you want me to even play?” he said, staring at the ceiling.
“I don’t know, you’re the one that got it out to play!” I giggled. I turned the camera back to me. “What do you want to hear, Audience?” I asked. Then turned the camera to Toby as he began to talk,
“What’s that? Classical Gas? Again?! C’mon guys, I played it only a couple of times and that was like 5 years ago!” He turned his head to me and my little blue camera. He saw my smile and complimented it with his own. “Okay okay, I’ll do it. Or at least I’ll try…”
Toby started to strum some more before going into a beautiful melody that almost made me fall off his dresser. I listened to him and watched his face go into a little trance. I had never seen him so calm before. The whole house was quiet but his gorgeous guitar playing and I instinctively sighed. This went on for about two minutes before he stopped and looked at the camera.
“I believe the word you are looking for is ‘owned’” he laughed at his little quote and I stopped the video. He then looked at me. “I played this back in 2006 and said that. I was a freakin’ nugget back then.”
I tried my best to laugh but it turned out to be a weird grunt. I was still in a trance.
“You okay?” his voice went quiet.
“You’re just…beautiful is all.” I muttered and motioned him to start playing again.
I set the camera down on the dresser and sat down behind him so that my knees were on both sides of his head and he was upside down. He started strumming at random and went into another little wave of relaxation as the sun dipped lower in the sky and emerged the house into the dark. I reached over and turned on a small lamp on the night stand in case Toby needed to see the guitar.
I combed his hair through my fingers as he played and occasionally dipped down to give him a smooch on his perfect lips. He just kept playing without making a sound and I even saw his eyes droop a bit.
We must’ve sat there for fifteen minutes, him just playing songs that he knew from the top of his head. It was the most relaxed I’ve ever felt in my life. I went down to kiss him again but instead of continuing on playing, Toby stopped and brought his hands up to my cheeks. He held my face in his hands as we silently kissed.
He put his guitar down and took my hand to lead me next to him. I lay down beside him and he put his arms around me so that I was lying on his chest. I felt him kiss the top of my head as we both stared at the ceiling.
There was something in my mind that I was dying to say to him, but didn’t know if it was the right time. Toby started to brush my arm lightly with the tips of his fingers. That sensation drew my mind blank on anything I wanted to say. My eyes drooped and finally closed as he began to hum in my ear one of the tunes he had played on his guitar. He continued on stroking my arm and tickling my ear with his warm breath until he suddenly stopped. After a couple of silent seconds, he whispered for the first time,
“I love you.”

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Under a Raincloud- Part 12

It was the day I was suppose to meet Justine and I would have rather thrown myself into a pool of razor blades than go to lunch with them. It was going to be extremely awkward and I had no idea what Toby was thinking when he asked me to come. But, being the nice girlfriend that I was, all I wanted to do was make him happy.
Toby and I walked around town hand-in-hand until it was time to meet Justine. We didn’t have to look very far because there she was, waiting for us at a table. However, she wasn’t alone. Another girl sat next to her with her legs crossed, talking to Justine. She looked at me, then eyed our hands that were entangled so delicately.
“Hey Toby!” Justine noticed the other girls gaze and stood up to hug him.
“Hey Justine, how’ve you been?” he chuckled as they separated.
“I’ve been great!”
“Hi I’m—”
“I wanted you to meet someone!” she interrupted me and took Toby’s hand to lead him to the table leaving me behind.
I gave a heavy sigh that no one seemed to notice, then followed behind the two best friends.
“Toby, this is Olga, Olga this is Toby.” The brown-haired girl uncrossed her legs and stood up.
“Hey there! I’ve heard a lot about you. Been watching your videos ever since Justine mentioned them to me.” she had a slight Russian accent.
“Hi, I’m Rain!” I shouted out from behind Toby and they turned around.
Toby smiled and reached out to take my hand. I took it (quite smugly) and stepped up in between Justine and him.
“Oh yeah, this is my beautiful girlfriend Rain! I thought she’d want to meet you Justine. Sorry…Olga is it?” the girl nodded a little too harshly. “I didn’t know you were going to be here. But it was nice to meet you anyway!”
I didn’t know if it was because he was a clueless boy or because he wanted to avoid drama but I was surprised at how he ignored the tension between Olga and I. She practically threw daggers at me by her mere stare alone.
“Um..Justine? Can I talk to you real quick?” she motioned Justine to the side as Toby and I took a seat at the round table barely big enough for the four of us.
I tried my best to over hear what they were whispering.
Can’t believe…..why didn’t you tell me? didn’t know?....he’s suppose to be…how can you...?” Olga was almost hissing at Justine and I could tell by her expression she was more than angry. She was furious.
I turned to Toby and he looked at me. He smiled and leaned in to give me a quick kiss on the mouth.
“You’re amazing.” I whispered out of instinct.
He stared at me with his piercing green eyes before saying, “You make me so happy.”
We kissed again and looked up just in time to see the two girls walking back to the table. Justine bit her lip before sitting down and Olga joined.
“Soooo… how long’s it been since we’ve hung out?” I could tell her and Olga had gotten into a small argument. Her ears were red and her voice shook as she turned to address Toby.
“I don’t know, like half a year at the most!” They both chuckled.
I tried my best not to look even in the direction of the Russian chick. Her eyes were big and outlined in black and I could tell when she was looking at me. I got chills whenever she did.
So instead, I just snuggled under Toby’s arm and kept my eyes on the beautiful blonde girl that seemed more friendly.
“What’ve you been up to lately?” Justine interrupted my thoughts.
“Nothing really, just making videos as usual; and of course I met this beautiful girl.” Toby entangled his hands in mine and I beamed in delight.
That was when Olga suddenly stood up and caused me to look over at her with the other two.
“Sorry guys, I just got a text from my friend. She wants me to meet her for an emergency.” She pretended to text back on her phone that hadn’t even rung or buzzed.
“Oh, okay. Call me and let me know what’s goin’ on.” Justine chuckled nervously.
“Nice to meet you, Olga!” Toby was still clueless at what had just happened. He waved at her with the hand that was around me and she winced as he did; but waved back as politely as she could and sprinted down the parking lot to her car. I noticed right then that she was wearing high heels which were something I learned from Toby that he liked. He thought it was sexy when I wore my red pumps and the shoes she was racing in looked almost identical. I’m glad he didn’t notice.
“She seems nice.” I said, trying not to laugh.
“Didn’t really get to talk to her much. That’s too bad. She seemed like a cool girl.” Toby puckered out his lips to the side in a “oh-well” face.

We spent the rest of the day with Justine. She was very nice, friendly, gorgeous and hilarious. Her and Toby were so much alike, it kind of freaked me out. But she didn’t seem interested in him and vice versa. So I came to the conclusion that they really were just best friends and the past was behind them. I had a feeling I was gonna become her friend as well.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Under a Raincloud- Part 11

It didn’t take long for people to start commenting about us on the vlog. Only twenty minutes passed by when I was curious enough to check what his fans were saying about us.
I sat at my desktop and clicked on the lazyvlog. The top comments almost made me shit my pants.
“Two things: 1. Toby scored 2. They’re totally banging” was the first. “Anyone else notice the lip gloss on Toby’s lips at 3:15? It’s the same as hers.” Was the second.
I gulped as I scrolled down to read more.
“Did you hear what she said at 1:00? She not only called him cute but said she was gonna ‘kill’ him. They’re a thing.”
“Who is this bitch dating my boyfriend?”
“Did you see Toby’s reaction after she said she was gonna kill him? IT WAS HILARIOUS. He was like, bitch shut up you might as well tell them we’re fucking.”
“Rain? What kind of name is that? Toby could do better…”
“I can’t see him with anybody but Justine..sorry Rain.” That comment made me perk up. Who’s Justine?
“Whatcha doin’?!” Toby said in my ear and made me jump three feet in the air.
“Jesus, Toby, don’t scare me like that!” I turned around and saw his beautiful face next to mine. He was eating something and tried not to spit it out as he laughed,
“Why you so jumpy?” he swallowed his food and gave me a peck on the cheek.
“No reason…” I said quickly scrolling up to the top of the page.
“What’s that?” he stopped me and read the top comments, “Uh oh….” Was all he said.
“They hate me…” I said quietly.
“No. No, they don’t hate you they’re just…just…they need to get to know you is all.” I could hear the uncertainty in his voice.
“Are you going to say anything about it?” I asked.
“No, I think we should just let them chill out and deal with it. I have a life too and I don’t need people criticizing who I’m with and telling me what I should do.” My eyes got wide at his tone of voice. He never talked about his Audience like this before.
“Calm down babe, they’re just being protective over you.” I was shocked at my own words; defending the people who were saying nasty things about me.
“Yeah…I guess. The same thing happened with other girls I’ve been with and it just annoys me. But don’t worry; I’m sure everyone will love you the more videos you’re in. Just don’t make any more subtle hints on us being a thing. It’ll just provoke them, ok?” he smiled at me.
“Okay.” I kissed him again.
He turned to leave when I grabbed his hand and looked at him, “One thing Toby…who’s Justine?”
Toby looked at me, and I could hear the gears working in his head.
“Just a friend. My best friend to be exact.”
I nodded, “Oh, ‘cause someone said that they liked Justine better.”
“Yeah, she used to be in a lot of my vlogs and people really liked her. She has her own Youtube channel, iJustine, if you wanna check her out. Now I gotta go babe, I’m workin’ on a video I made a couple days ago, I need to get it done or my fans are gonna eat me alive.”
I chuckled, “Okay have fun with that.”
I escorted him to the door and kissed him before he left. When I heard his car start up and back out of my driveway, I searched up iJustine. I clicked on her channel and almost had an aneurism. She was gorgeous, absolutely stunning. Just looking at her made me wanna jump off a bridge—how could Toby trade her for me? I shook my head, getting the thought of them actually dating out of my mind. He told me they were best friends and that they were in vlogs together; he didn’t say anything about them ever being a thing. Yet I was still disgusted by her beauty and somehow jealous of her.
I clicked on one of her videos titled “Dancing at the Apple Store” and saw her dancing like a crazy person in a phone store. I giggled and saw in the suggestion bar another dancing video that had Toby in the thumbnail. I clicked it and watched Toby set down his phone and start dancing next to Justine. No wonder they were best friends, they looked like they had a lot of fun being weird with each other.
That’s when the suggestion bar caught my attention again and I saw exactly how many vlogs she had been in. The whole bar was full of Toby and Justine videos. I read the titles which kind of bothered me. “Moving in with iJustine” “In Bed with iJustine” “Hot Aftermath” showing a thumbnail of them almost kissing; I gulped and looked at the dates, almost a year ago.
It made me feel better but I was afraid to read the comments from the vlog I was on, so I saved myself from complete destruction and exited out of Youtube.
I stood up and paced around the living room. So he had an ex-girlfriend, so what? I had ex-boyfriends that I was still friends with, so…so could he. Besides, he had asked me to be his current girlfriend and hadn't seemed hesitant to ask.
Yet somehow I was still bothered by her.
I was about to go into the kitchen and eat my feelings away when my phone rang.
“Hey hottie.” I greeted Toby, “What’s up?”
“It’s so weird, I just got a call from Justine and she said she wanted to hang out. I thought maybe it’d be cool if you gotta meet her.”
My stomach almost fell out my butt. “Oh…okay! You guys are friends so it’d only be polite to meet her.” I gulped, hoping he wouldn’t hear my pounding heart through the phone.
“Okay cool, tomorrow I’ll pick you up around noon and we can go have lunch.”
“Sounds okay to me!” I tried my best not to lie.
“Sweet, talk to you soon, love you.”
“Okay, can’t wait!” I failed. “Love you too, bye.”
We hung up and I almost smashed my phone against a wall. Why did she have to be perfect? I couldn’t get the thought of them together out of my mind, and that scared me.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Under a Raincloud- Part 10

We’d been together for about a month when he first asked me to be in one of his lazyvlogs.
“Are you serious?” I asked, a grin slowly growing on my face.
“Hell yeah girl.” He said in the voice that made me laugh every time.
We were at my house when he pulled out his iPhone and pointed it at me.
“Now, I’m just gonna introduce you, but I’m not gonna say anything about you being my girlfriend yet. Some of my fans get really jealous and I just wanna ease them into the idea of…well, you.”
I laughed, “You have fangirls?”
“Believe it or not, but I do.” He chuckled, looking around my living room.
“So you mean like teenage girls freak out if you talk to them?”
He nodded, “It’s crazy, I know.”
“Why you?” I teased him, “You’re a dork!”
“Yes I am, maybe that’s why they like me so much.” He found a flower pot with daisies I was growing on my windowsill.
“Well I know that’s why I like you so much. Not to mention you’re super hot.” I walked over to him and twirled one of his curls.
He smiled and leaned in to kiss me.
He turned back to my flowers and pressed the record button.
“Audience? Wha-? What are you doing staring at these flowers?” He started laughing very…feminine-like, “They’re floweth, oh my God flowerth, there tho pretty.” He coughed. “I mean, uhhh…that’s precarious? Intro of darkness, then redness, then whiteness!” I laughed. “And who’s this?” He turned the phone to face me. I smiled and waved.
“AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Oh… oh it’s just my friend Rain.” He smiled at me from behind the camera.
“Sup Audience?” I tried to say as casual as possible.
“She’s a pretty awesome girl to say the least.” He walked over to me and stood in the shot.
“Thanks!” I put my hands in my front pockets and shrugged.
I stared at the camera and bit my lip, expecting him to say something else until I noticed that he was still looking at me. I turned to him and smiled, “Toby, is this all you do in your vlogs? Stare at people?” I laughed at the camera, trying to take away any tension that the Audience might have.
“Oh right, sorry!” he laughed and looked back at his phone. He started walking down my hallway.
“Anyway, today I’m just hangin’ out workin’ on some stuff that needs to get done. I’ll post a Cute, Win, Fail tomorrow although I still gotta edit it! Ahhhhh work…I hate work! It’s too hard GAH! I’ll just have Steven do it; STEVEN! DO MY WORK FOR ME!!!!”
I looked around my house, confused. It’d been a while since he’d mentioned Steven but now he was talking to him and he wasn’t even here.
“What’s that Steven? You—you quit? HA HA HA no you don’t. Now go edit my videos!!!” He looked back at his phone and laughed his adorable laugh. “Nah, I’m just kiddin’. Steven is dead—ha ha no he’s not, but seriously it was a sad day. No, I’m just kiddin’. About his death, not that it wasn’t sad!” he laughed again.
“Wow,” I said, “You are crazy.” I giggled as he came back into the room.
He stopped next to me again. “Girrrrl whatchu talkin’ ‘bout girrrrl?” he got up in my face and I smiled.
“Better get that cute face outta my personal bubble before I ki—” my eyes grew wide but I finished the word, “ill…you.”
Toby was quiet. He turned his gaze to his phone without turning his head and gave his “what-the-fuck” face.
“This girl is a psycho.” He whispered and I playfully punched him.
He turned and walked into my kitchen this time, blabbering on about nothing to his fans. I, however, sat on my couch and held back a vicious shout. I punched a pillow that was next to me and violently crossed my arms over my chest. I can’t believe I almost blew our cover; I was such an idiot!
I heard him walking back to the living room so I quickly got up and stood where we were before.
“Well thanks for listening to me talk about nothing like I do every day. You guys are amazing. Bless your face, if you sneezed during this video bless you. Peace off! Ba-do-do-do-do-do-do-do Subscribe.” He treaded towards me, “Hey Rain, care to do the honors?”
I forced a smile and looked at him, “Sure!” I put my first finger on the lens, “Outro of darkness then redness then whiteness, then—”
“B00P!” we both said and Toby turned off the recording.
“I’m so sorry.” I said immediately after he stopped it.
“It’s okay; it was just your habit comin’ out. Nice save though.” We exchanged a quick kiss. What was left of my lip gloss rubbed off onto him.
“Sorry.” I said giggling as I wiped off his lips for him.
“Naw it’s okay, I like the taste of strawberries.” He grinned at me and we kissed again.
“Now it’s time to upload this bad boy.” Toby went to my desktop and started to upload his video from his phone onto the computer.
I snorted at his weird comment, “You go do that and I’ll be over here lighting myself on fire.” I joked.
I was still pissed at what I had said. I hoped no one would suspect anything, but who was I kidding? People on the Internet suspect everything. I was in deep shit.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Under a Raincloud- Part 9

I woke up right where I had fallen asleep yet somehow my head managed to find Toby’s chest. His arm had found its way around my stomach. I hesitated on whether or not to cuddle up some more. I figured it wouldn’t hurt to do so if he was still asleep. I carefully lifted my left arm and put it over his so it lay on top. I then put my hand on top of his. His hand was soft and cold. I carefully laced my fingers in between his and slightly squeezed it.
I lay there for what seemed like ages, listening to Toby’s heartbeat and feeling his warm breath on the back of my neck. I closed my eyes and smiled; this wasn’t happening. Not to me; it couldn’t have been. A girl falling in love with a random guy she slept with when she was drunk just didn’t happen in real life. It should’ve been a nightmare, but it wasn’t. Instead here I was, lying in his arms like we’d known each other for months.
I was deep in thought when I heard Toby snort. His body twitched a bit so that I was now on his shoulder.
“Why hello there, beautiful.” I heard him say in a groggy voice.
“Good morning.” I said, slowly sitting up.
He grabbed my arm and pulled me back down to him. He laid my head back on his chest so that I was facing him and sighed,
“It hurts less when you’re close.”
My eyes glazed over at how amazing he was. My heart beat faster when he took a hold of my right hand and intertwined his fingers in mine. We lay there staring at the white ceiling, his chest made my head lift and fall with each breath he took. We ended up synchronizing our breathing together; in and out…in and out…in….and out….
Suddenly, his phone rang; but he didn’t bother to get it.
“Well…?” I asked, lifting my head up to meet his eyes. One of them was purple.
“Well, what?”
“Aren’t you gonna answer that?”
“What—get up from you? No way. Plus, my stomach still hurts. I don’t want to work out these amazing abs right now.”
I laughed, “Amazing abs? Really now? And when will I get to see these abs of yours?”
“When I heal up and we can get back into my bedroom.”
I gasped and gently hit his chest, “Bad Toby!” I giggled.
I laid my head back down onto him and closed my eyes just as the buzzing stopped. I felt his chin cradle the top of my head and I untangled our hands so that I could put my right arm around him.
“Hey Rain…” Toby addressed me.
“I was thinking about it last night and I wanted to ask you something.”
My heart skipped a beat, “Okay, what is it?”
“I know it might be a bit soon, but I really, really like you. And considering we’ve already made it all the way, I was wondering if…”
He trailed off so I nudged him.
“Oh sorry, I thought I heard a plane outside. Anyway, um…Rain, would you care to be my girlfriend?”
This time my heart stopped completely. I was speechless, which was something that didn’t happen to me very often. I just lay there in his arms with my mouth open, trying to say something—anything.
“You’re silence is worrying me.” he let out a breath of laughter.
“Oh.” Was the only thing I got out.
“And when I say oh, I mean yes.” I finally answered and felt his chest fall down as he let his breath out.
“Oh thank God.” He laughed. I joined him.
“Sorry, it’s just…it’s been a while since I’ve had a boyfriend.” I admitted.
“Well I’ll make sure to be the best boyfriend you’ve ever had.”
I looked up at him and he looked down at me. That’s when he gave me that look. The look that makes your stomach flip. The look that makes you feel like you could fly. He just stared at me. He wasn’t smiling but rather studying me, as if he was trying to read my mind. It was the look before the kiss. Sure enough, his eyes slipped to glance at my lips and indicated it was the time. Our lips met once again and I put my right hand up to his neck to bring him to my level. His left hand found its way to my hip again and he slowly wrapped it all the way around my waist to scoot our bodies closer.
We lay on his couch; lips intertwined together, eyes closed in the most peaceful way possible. I could feel the cut on his lip and brushed it with my tongue. I felt his lips tense up and separate our kiss as he smiled.
“That felt good.” He whispered.
We went back to kissing and I did it again. He tried to hold back another smile. We both sat up, lips still connected. He wrapped his fingers in my hair and smushed our faces closer. I was afraid I’d hurt his lip even more, but he didn’t seem to mind. His tongue collided with mine. It tasted…sweet.
I got to my knees, pulling Toby’s chin up to keep our lips attached, and breathed deeply through my nose. Our heart beats rose at the same time as our mouths opened wider. Toby’s hand went underneath my dress and grabbed my upper thigh. He gently pulled it towards him so that I was straddling him.
We made out some more; I put my left hand up into his hair and took a hold of his loose curls. I put my right hand on top of the hand Toby had on my leg and moved it up further so it was more near the lining of my panties. He put his fingers in the brim of them but didn’t pull them down. I was glad he respected my boundaries and what I wanted him to do.
Unfortunately, that was when Toby’s phone started buzzing again.
“You…should…get…that…” Our lips smacked in between each word.
“Fuck…that…” he replied.
I laughed, separating our lips. I leaned back from him and he reached behind him to grab his phone. I went to get off his lap but he grabbed my thigh and winked.
“Hello?” he answered, “Wha-? Are you kidding me? You called me for that?!” He looked at me and scrunched his eyebrows, biting his lip in angst, “Well, I was kind of in the middle of something but yeah I can come. Just give me like an hour and I’ll be over.” He hung up.
“Who was that?”
“Just a friend. He needs me to help him with a gaming video problem.”
I shrugged, “Oh well, guess you’ll just have to leave me…” I teased him.
“Next time.” He patted my leg to get off. I did and he sat up, “My stomach still hurts.” He groaned.
“I’m sorry.” I put my hand on his stomach and rubbed it.
We leaned in and kissed again.
“I’ll take you home.” He said and we stood up together.
“Sounds good.” I grabbed my purse and heels and we treaded out the door and to his car.
Even though last night really sucked, this morning totally made up for everything. Being Toby’s girlfriend? I couldn’t have asked for any less.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Under a Raincloud- Part 8

It was around eight when we decided to leave the restaurant. Toby and I walked outside into the dull night air; Los Angeles was a little more groggy than usual.
“I’ll walk you to your car.” Toby offered but I stopped him.
“I didn’t bring it. My sister took me.” I smiled slyly.
“Oh did you now?” he showed his pearly whites in a wide grin that made me sigh.
“Yeah…I guess you’ll have to take me home then.” I kicked a pebble and shrugged my shoulders, making sure to put on my cutest smile.
“Oh alright, if I have to.” He joked, “But I didn’t bring my car. I live right around the block, so we’ll have to walk if that’s okay.”
“Sure, that’s sounds fine.” I was a little excited to hear we had to walk. It meant we also had more time to be together.
We started walking down the street in silence. I crossed my arms as wind started to pick up. Toby noticed and put his arm around me, drawing me close. I smiled, which made my teeth chatter.
“Damn girl, you must be freezing!” He said, taking off his jacket. He put it around my shoulders and put his arm back around me.
I clutched my little black purse in my hand tight, feeling goosebumps rise from my arms. They weren’t from the cold; they were from the warmth his body shared with me.
We continued down the sidewalk, talking about a wedding he had recently been at, when we came across a group of four drunken-looking men. I began to get nervous, praying they would leave us alone. Unfortunately, I was wrong.
“Ooooo baby, look at the rack on that chick!” One of them said.
I heard two cat-calls and another man say, “Damn, you sexy girl!”
“Just ignore them.” Toby muttered to me and I nodded.
We passed them on the block they were at, but that didn’t stop them. They ran behind us and one of them cut us off.
“Common baby, show us what’s under that pretty dress of yours.” He reached to touch me but I backed up into his friend.
I felt his breath on the back of my head and jumped forward.
“Guys, just leave the lady alone, common.” Toby spoke up.
“And who might you be, fuckin’ cunt?” the man in front of me slurred his insult.
“It doesn’t matter, just move out of the way and no one will get hurt.”
The men laughed, “Get hurt? You mean to say your bitch ass is gonna hurt one of us? I’d like to see you try, fag.”
Toby stepped to the side to try and pass him but the man followed his move. Toby suddenly took my hand; it was shaking.
Suddenly, I felt a hand reaching up my dress and I whipped around.
“Don’t fucking touch me!” I yelled.
The man got pissed and slapped me across the face, “Quiet you whore!” he spat out.
That infuriated Toby. He turned to the man and punched him in the face, “You touch her again, you fucking die!” he said punching him in the face again.
Two of the drunken men took Toby by the arms and dragged him away from their friend. The guy that was blocking our path before walked up to him. He was struggling to get out of their grasp but surprisingly they were strong enough to hold him back.
“You think you can just take down my friend like that?!” he screamed at him.
“No, no I’m sorry, I just—”
His sentence was cut short as his breath flew out of his lungs. The man punched him again in the stomach.
“Stop it!!!” I screamed, “Fucking stop it now!!!”
I was grabbed from behind by the guy who had reached under my dress.
“Ooooo baby, you smell nice.” He grumbled in my ear and sniffed. I felt the blood from his nose wet part of my hair. I kicked and hollered as he dragged me away from the horrible scene.
I heard Toby grunt again and saw the man punch him in the jaw.
“Help us, someone fucking help us!!!!” I let out an ear piercing scream until the man holding me shut my mouth.
Finally I heard a sound that was music to my ears. A police siren from down the road caught everyone’s attention. Red and blue lights lit up the night as the sound got louder. The man that had a hold of me dropped me and I fell to my knees. I looked up at the guys who were holding Toby back and saw they had dropped him too. The men ran off and the police car chased them to the end of the block.
I crawled to where Toby was. He was lying on his back, coughing. I sat next to him and looked at his poor face. His lip was bleeding and his eye was already a purpleish color. He looked at me and tried to crack a smile.
“Perfect ending to a perfect night.” He muttered through his fat lip.
I laughed, tears forming in my eyes at how helpless he looked, “You know it. I’m so sorry this happened.”
“Don’t be sorry. It’s nothing close to your fault at all.” He carefully sat up, holding his stomach in pain.
“Are you okay to walk?” I stood up and took his hand.
“Yeah.” He got to his feet, “good thing my place is just around the corner here.”
I put his arm around my shoulder and helped him to his house. We stumbled in and he went straight to the couch. I found the kitchen and grabbed a bag of frozen peas and corn. I gave him both bags and he set them on his lip and stomach.
“Thanks.” I barely heard him through the bag.
He reached his hand to my face. The palm of it cupped my jaw and his thumb brushed against my cheek. I winced in pain; it was the cheek the man had slapped.
“Sorry.” Toby took the bag off of his lip and sat up. His hand still attached to my face, he carefully pulled me towards him.
Our lips intertwined and even though his bottom one was two times bigger than it should’ve been, fireworks burst above our heads. We didn’t stay connected for long however. The pain in his lip caused him to separate sharply and lay back down.
“What a romantic first kiss.” I laughed.
“It was worth it. All of this was worth getting that kiss.” He made my heart warm once again. “You wanna stay over? We don’t have to do anything, I just think I need company now.”
“Yeah of course.” I said and took off my heels.
He scooted over and patted next to him, indicating for me to lie down. I did, and we both lay on the couch, his hand on my hip, not saying a word. We were happy to be together even though we both had our asses handed to ourselves. And our happiness was all that mattered.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Under a Raincloud- Part 7

When we arrived at La Boheme, I thanked Sunny and carefully made my way up the steps and into the restaurant. It was gorgeous inside. The walls were a deep shade of red and chandeliers hung from the ceiling in groups. Black booths lined the ulterior and the marble stairs that led up the second floor all made me gasp in shock about how beautiful it was.
I treaded to the front and spoke to the waiter at the podium.
“Hello, I have a reservation at five, someone should already be here by now, I think.” I smiled.
“Let me see…Toby Turner and Rainbow Pemeska?”
I cringed at the sound of my full name, “Yes.”
“Right this way.” He took two menus and led me into the dining room. My stomach flipped when I saw Toby sitting at a table in the middle of the room. He stood up as soon as he saw me and straightened his tie. He smiled nervously as he pulled out my chair for me and kissed me on the cheek.
“Here are your menus. Would you like anything to drink?” The waiter asked as soon as we sat down.
“A glass of wine would be great.” I said.
“Ice water for me.” Toby nodded at the waiter as he left.
“Well hello there gorgeous,” he turned my face red, “how are you still alive without seeing me for a day?” he grinned.
“Same way I’ve been alive for 22 years without you.” I joked back, “But it really is nice to see you. You look great yourself.”
I eyed him with lust. He was wearing a forest green button-down shirt with a black tie and a matching black coat. His hair was kind of a mess, but it was cute in a way.
“Kinda crazy we match without even knowing.” I giggled.
“Well would you look at that!” He laughed, looking at his own shirt then back at my dress.
I glanced at the menu and saw my favorite dish: Mushroom Stuffed Ravioli. I set down my menu, already ready with my order. I laid my elbows on the table, crossed my fingers together and set my chin on top, watching Toby study his menu.
“So, how was your day today?” I asked.
“Pretty good. Recorded my videos for today so I didn’t have to interrupt anything tonight. I love my fans, you know that, and I make lazyvlogs every day. So just letting you know, if I ever forget to record one earlier in the day and we’re hangin’ out, I’ll have to record when you’re around. That’s okay right?”
“Of course! I’ve never been on YouTube before.” I said.
He looked up from his menu and straight into my eyes, “Are you serious?”
“Ha ha, yeah I am!”
“That is unacceptable, woman! You must show your pretty face on YouTube!” he thumped his menu onto the table, causing the centerpiece to shake.
“Calm down mister.” I laughed as his serious gaze turned into an adorable smile.
He picked the menu back up and started reading it, “Do you know what you’re getting?” he asked me.
“Yeah, the mushroom ravioli. It’s bomber, I’ve had it before, I hope their version is just as good.” I bit my lip in embarrassment. Bomber? What was I, a 15 year old skater boy?
“Hm, that sounds delicious!” he set his menu back down and looked at me.
He was about to speak again when the waiter came back to our table with our drinks.
“Are you two ready to order yet?” he asked.
“Yeah, we’d both like the Mushroom Stuffed Ravioli please.” Toby looked at me and winked. My stomach flipped twice and made my elbows so weak they flopped onto the table. I quickly propped them back up in embarrassment as the waiter left to process our order.
“So, what do you like to do around here?” I asked him.
“I walk around town with my iPhone and talk to it.” He said with a smirk on his face.
“Oh that sounds like fun.” I flirted back.
“I also play video games and record them for my fans.”
“You really love those guys don’t you?”
“Yeah, I really do.” My heart grew warm to his statement; he was such a sweet guy.
“And you? What do you like to do?” he asked me.
“Well, I don’t have much free time next to work and school. But occasionally at night I go clubbing with my sister and our friends. I’m tryin’ to get out of the habit though. Drinking every other night has gotten…regretful.” I shifted in my seat.
“You’re talking about that morning aren’t you?” he read my mind.
“Um, yeah. I am.”
“Why? Both of us wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for our drunken mistake. Unless…you’re not pregnant are you?” his eyes grew wide.
“Oh holy God, no, no I am not pregnant.” I stifled an awkward laugh.
“Oh thank God.” He let out a breath of relief.
“But, I guess you’re right. I’m thankful to be here.”
He smiled and reached over to take my hand. We both sat staring at each other. The calming classical music slowly faded away the longer I looked into his eyes. His hand was warm, clammy in fact. I could tell he was nervous when he hiccupped a laugh and looked behind me.
The food we had ordered had come, faster than I had expected. We let go of each others hand as the waiter set our plates down in front of us. The smell of the mushrooms engulfed my lungs and I instinctively closed my eyes. This night was exactly how I expected it. He was falling for me, and I was definitely falling for him.